Code of Conduct

  • Eardley Elementary School

Code of Conduct

Every behavioral situation is unique and consequences will be subject to the discretion of staff/principal and individuals involved. Please see Behaviour & Consequences document


Bullying is a relationship problem. People who bully are in a position of power relative to their victims. Their power may come from many aspects of the relationship. They may be larger, stronger, older, more popular, or they may know something sensitive or vulnerable about the victim (e.g. learning, family or personal problem). Bullying can take many forms. It can be physical hits, kicks and damage to property. Bullying can be verbal: insults, putdowns and sexists or racists comments. Bullying can also be indirect and hurt another’s social relationships when it involves exclusion or spreading rumors or being witnessed (without action).As bullying continues over time, the power differential and dynamics in the relationship become increasingly consolidated.

School Commitment [ABAV 2017 2018]

  • We will maintain a school climate, which encourages respect, trust, caring, consideration and support for others.
  • Every student at our school has the right to be free from intimidation both in school and in the schoolyard.
  • Our school does not accept bullying behavior of any kind including unkind actions or remarks, taunting and exclusion from groups.
  • We will encourage all students to disclose and discuss incidents of bullying behavior.
  • We will ensure supervision and monitoring measures through which all areas in and around the school are kept under observation.
  • We will take the comments and/ or complaints of parents and students seriously. They will be investigated and appropriate action taken when inappropriate behaviors are observed and / or brought to the attention of staff.
  • This commitment will be communicated be the attitudes and actions of all members of the school community including teachers, students, parents and volunteers.