• Eardley Elementary School


Volunteers are needed and welcomed at Eardley School. We need volunteers to assist at lunch time, library, reading buddies, classroom helpers, etc. Please call the school if you can help in any way.

Please be advised that all adult volunteers must sign in at the office and wear a visitor’s pass. Eardley School has a list of guidelines which volunteers are requested to follow.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • A criminal background check is required, (Paid for by the School Board)
  • Confidentiality will be respected at all times.  If a behavior or concern is raised, volunteers will discuss this privately with the teacher and/or principal.
  • Volunteers will follow the teachers’ instructions and guidelines
  • Volunteers will be given responsibilities and are, therefore, expected to fulfill these responsibilities.
  • Any volunteer exhibiting inappropriate behavior, (deemed by the principal and teacher) will be relieved of their responsibilities.
  • Children of volunteers are expected to follow all school rules regardless if their parent is in the school.

Class Parents

In the past, we have had Class Parents for each classroom.  Class Parents are volunteers whom the teacher will contact when planning a trip or a special project for the class.  The Class Parents may be asked to get volunteers for trips, provide a special treat for the class or to participate in special activities.  The Class Parent may also be asked to contact the other parents in the class in the case of early school closing.  If you are interested in being a Class Parent, please inform your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year.  Three class parents are needed for each class.