Hot Lunches

  • Eardley Elementary School

Hot Lunches


Our Governing Board has approved a plan to remove the use of microwaves throughout the school.  Three areas of concern include:

  • Burns from spills and accidents,
  • Reduction of playtime at noon due to the frequency of frozen dinners (some requiring as much as 10-12 minutes to heat),
  • Supervision coverage is better used in direct monitoring of play rather than monitoring microwave usage.

Note that we are do have a hot lunch program and pizza days as well.  To support our parents, we will provide helpful lunch ideas that do not rely on microwaves.  We have included 3 lunch ideas with this newsletter which can be found on our website as well.

  • Sandwich Wraps (Chicken, tuna, salmon)
  • Salsa & Chips or Humus & Pita
  • Stuffed Pita Pockets

Mazzola Lunches

Since 1993, L’Entreprise Mazzola has been preparing a very specific product for a very special clientele. The product is healthy and freshly made meals for children. All the ingredients used in the preparation of the meals are of the highest quality available. The meals are prepared fresh every day, no preservatives are added.

No nuts or peanuts are used in the menus. No products containing peanuts are allowed in the facilities from L’Entreprise Mazzola. You can print the menu. You can choose all or some of the days indicated. Menu 1 and Menu 2 are full meals. Menu 3 does not include the dessert. The school receives a profit per meal served.

To order the meals you can visit our web site at and place your order online. lt is simple, safe and fast. You can also fill out the paper order, indicating your credit card number and send it to us by fax. Another alternative is to pay by cheque by filling out the paper order and sending it to the school. Unfortunately we cannot accept post-dated cheques. If you send us the order through the school or by fax it is important to return the order before the due date to make sure your child will receive the menu that had been ordered.

You can aIso make last minute orders (until 7 A. M. the same day), but only through our web site. We cannot take last minute orders over the phone.

If you have ordered a meal, and your child will be absent from school, you can cancel your order through our web site by accessing your account. You can also phone us. If we cannot answer your call, you can leave a message stating the name of the child, of the school, the class and the day for which you are cancelling the meal. This will give you a credit for another meal. We have to receive the cancellation before 9 A. M. the day the meal is to be served. If you don’t cancel the order before 9 A. M. no credit will be possible. lt is the parents’ responsibility to use the credits they have. Thank you very much!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us by phone or by email at