Health Issues

  • Eardley Elementary School

Health Issues


If medication is part of a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), school staff will administer it.  Parents are required to fill out a Administering Medication Form prior to the administration of the medication.  You may contact the school and a blank form can be sent in care of your child or you may come to school to fill it out.  All medication that is administered by the school staff must be in the original prescription container.  The staff will not give any “over-the-counter” medication.  All medication must be kept at the office and administered by the designated staff member.  No child is allowed to keep medication in his/her lunch kit, school bag or desk.

It is very important to report to the School all health problems that your child may have (eg. allergies, asthma).

Lice & Nits

The school is required to inform parents of their policy and the parents’ responsibilities to the school concerning head lice and nits.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent to check their child(ren) for head lice/nits on a regular basis.
  • If a child has head lice, parents are required to: inform the school immediately; the child must stay home until treatment has been done and the lice/nits removed from the hair; the School Administration will inform parents in the classroom by way of CLSC sheet; all information concerning identity is kept CONFIDENTIAL

ATTENTION:  5th disease