• Eardley Elementary School



In the case of severe accidents parents will be notified at once. If we cannot get in touch with a parent, we will contact people indicated on the “Emergency Form”.

If the accident is severe and the school feels that the child requires medical attention, one of the staff members will take the child to the Medical Clinic in Aylmer. The parents or emergency contact person will be informed to proceed directly to the medical facility. Should an ambulance be required, it will be the parent’s responsibility to defray the cost. A staff member will accompany the child to the hospital.

Parents should note that the only health and accident insurance, which applies to students, is the normal coverage under the Quebec Health Insurance Plan. Additional coverage for injuries or illness which occur in the school or on the school bus and which could lead to ambulance transportation or dental care or any other expenses incurred over and above that Quebec Medicare pays for are not covered any School Board insurance and therefore, parents should ensure that they carry coverage against these eventualities.

Contact Information

Parents are required to notify the office in writing of any changes in address or telephone numbers.  It is essential that the school has telephone numbers where parents or where alternate responsible adult can be reached in case of an emergency.