Dress Code

  • Eardley Elementary School

Dress Code

There is no official school uniform.  However, students should dress in a manner that does not detract from the learning climate of the school.  Specifically, students are required to remove all caps, hats, toques, etc. in the school and are to remove all outerwear before entering the classroom.  Students must wear indoor shoes in the school at all times.  The school reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of student attire.  If clothing is deemed inappropriate, students will be asked to change.

Outdoor Recess

Students will participate in outdoor recess daily and should dress according for the weather conditions. Please be advised that there is no supervision in the school during outdoor recesses. Therefore, all students must go outdoors. If a student is too sick to go outside, we request that he/she stay at home.

Physical Education

Each student must wear appropriate running shoes and clothing during physical education classes.  Cycle 2 & 3 students must have a change of clothing for gym classes. Parents ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for physical activities.