• Eardley Elementary School


Parents are asked to:

  • Fill out the registration and emergency forms
  • Accompany the child to the Daycare room for morning drop-off
  • Leave a message at the Daycare 819-684-4976 before 2pm for any last minute change.
  • Notify the Daycare, in writing, at least one week in advance, for any change to the child’s regular schedule.
  • Pay on a regular basis as arranged with the Daycare Technician
  • Refrain from visiting the school during Daycare hours
  • Respect opening and closing hours
  • When picking up children, sign them out
  • Sign and return the daycare_agreement

The Daycare will:

  • Communicate openly and respectfully with the parents or guardians
  • Assure that accurate attendance is taken
  • Issue receipts for all payments
  • Issue annual income tax receipts
  • Follow the indications for all prescription medicine and rules for emergencies
  • Provide a quality program for the children
  • Respect, support and encourage the children

The children will:

  • Respect staff, other children and the environment
  • Arrive promptly for attendance
  • Play safely and co-operatively
  • Respect the activity schedule
  • Refrain from circulating in the school (return to classroom or school lockers) without the authorization of their Daycare Educator.

Daycare Info booklet 2018-2019

2018-2019 Daycare Registration form