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  • Eardley Elementary School

Personal Belongings

The Daycare is not responsible for loss or damage of personal items that the children bring to school.  No electronic devices (iPods, MP3, Tablet…) or Trading cards are permitted in Daycare.  Daycare staff reserves the right to confiscate these items and hold them in the office until a parent or guardian arrives.

Personal items that are found or are left behind at the Daycare will be held in a ‚ÄúLost and Found‚ÄĚ for two weeks.

Sunblock is highly recommended for late summer and spring days.  Each family must provide their own sunblock and no sharing will be allowed between friends.

Indoor Shoes

Parents must provide a pair of indoor shoes/slippers with rubber soles specifically for Daycare since the children are not permitted to return to their school lockers after regular school hours.  These shoes must be worn indoors at all times. Non-marking running shoes (usually white sole) can only be used in the Eardley Gym.

Daycare Info booklet 2018-2019

2018-2019 Daycare Registration form